Friday, August 15, 2008


too cute for words.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes, there were adults there too....but they aren't as fun to photograph. :-)

ps. I have really cute pictures of fishing and looking for worms and puddle jumping.....but those are for another day....


There is nothing I love more than snugglie babies in PJs!
Trying to capture the awe we were feeling....from Gods light show.

We can't get those cutie pie babies away from great grandma. :-) Grandma and Miles and Bryce.......
Brody on the Deer, just shortly before he grunted and ripped off the deer's antlers...

By the look on Gina's face I can only assume that Julia is hiding from something very very scary. :-) We had a super, wonderful, amazing (if not soggy) weekend at the farm. Even if Julia was playing shy girl for a little while. Despite "Uncle" Jeff's best attempts to get her to smile for him.

I am so...

blessed. Sometimes I read back over my blog and realize that I am a whiny little brat. But, today as I sat on the dock overlooking the pond and talking to the fish it dawned on me just how lucky and fortunate I am. I was watching 2 of the most important men in my life, both sitting on lawn mowers, cutting the grass around the pond. One, who is my first and only love and the other who I call Dad because he has been more a father to me in the few years I have known him than my own has ever been. they were cutting the grass so that I could have my two best friends from college and their spouses and children come to camp out this weekend. Where we will feed them the corn that we grew in our bountiful garden, and share with them the beauty and tranquility of this large piece of property. We will cook them breakfast of bacon and eggs from the pigs that we raised and welcome them into the family that so welcomes everyone who steps foot on this land and in this house. Sometimes in the hassle of everyday life we forget the things that really matter, and in fleeting moments we get glimpses into what is important in flashes of happiness that we almost feel guilty for overlooking.

Our family reunion went wonderfully this summer, as always, depsite the rain and thunder. (which actually produced the most awe inspiring light show I have ever seen). Admist love and laughter and wet sloppy baby kisses there is good food, friendship and fantastic memories. Each year our circle of family gets larger and larger and I hope that the children in this family look back on their time at the farm their whole lives with gladness. Some cousins from California were doing just that, a grandmother bringing her young granddaughter to experience the farm as she had as a child. I have a billion sweet pictures to post when I have a few free moments. (Leah you were sorely missed. We all feel slighted that we didn't get the opportunity to love on your boys and share a glass of wine with you!)

Life is good.