Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strapless Bras

Ok so I had an interview this morning for a LTS placement at a semi-urban school in central NY...and I ironed my pants and dug around in my closet for half an hour for a shirt to match them, finally choosing a boat neck white top with pretty beading around the neck. But, my bra straps showed, and against my better judgement I put on my strapless bra. I know I have ranted and raved about these before but seriously ladies, lets put our heads together and come up with something better. What idiot invented the strapless bra? It wasn't long before said bra was wrapped securely around my belly. So, I tugged it back up as would probably happen another dozen times. I hate these things. Not only do they create mono-boob, but they are either too tight or too loose and not at all comfortable. Has any one stumbled across the perfect strapless bra? Let me in on your secret please! (Do note I have tried the silicone self-adhesive ones and if you aren't afraid that they will rip your nipples off later these are definitely the way to go).

Moving right along..... does any one want to wrap my christmas gifts for me? :-)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Starting with the title of my blog. Better, yes? more accurate anyway.

Monday, November 24, 2008

November already?

Wow. Fall came and went in a flurry of excitement. I'm not truly certain that I am ready for it to be almost December and shhh.....Christmas. Anyway... I am in the process of reapplying for a billion non-existent teaching jobs in the hopes that one opens up in the not too distant future. I loved loved loved my long-term sub placement and I cried like a baby when I left. I had fantastic students and wonderful co-workers who made my transition from scared-to-death-new-teacher into someone actually capable of teaching.

Our photography business is off to a flying, running, crashing start. We have no idea what we are doing, or how to go about making a business work but we have had really great reactions from the people who we have worked with and we have SEVEN weddings booked so far for 2009. Of course eventually we have to officially create a business, and figure out our new taxes and organize ourselves, but for right now we are floating around in the bliss of immediate successes.

I have been planning on how to get the family that is currently blessed with my constant presence to actually do some of the things that they say they are going to do.... for instance paint and upkeep the barn that is slowly falling down. They are buying new animals (cows....lots of them) and trying to make money farming again, thus I believe that the barn should at least look like a barn. So.... (be forewarned....) I started planning a "paint-the-barn" party. To which I plan on inviting everyone we know, people who use the barn, people who love the farm, family, friends, people who really owe them for all the nicey-nice-ness that they give out all year long..... and they think I am CRAZY. But imagine with me: early next summer, music, good food, good drink, good company, lots of paint brushes, all leading to----- beautiful barn. Why not I think. so....your invitations will be in the mail :-)

We had a wonderful weekend. The boys took me rabbit hunting and it was the first time I have ever seen a valid reason for having their high-strung-poorly-trained beagle cuteness around. It was amusing to watch the boys be so excited as the barking beagles ran in circles around them waiting to catch their first glimpse at a speeding bunnie. And as morbid as the whole event is, the look on the faces of grown men as they first see the rabbits come bounding out of the woods is priceless, pure joy and excitement. Cousin John was here for the weekend, got himself a freezer full of venison, even if it made Traci mad. :-) We had a fantastic lunch with grandma before he headed off to Albany, we always love his company and I think the men were really glad for the extra male bonding time they were allotted because he was here. And the fact that mom actually cooked dinner.

Today I am at my mother's house about to enjoy yet another home cooked meal as she has invited my grandparents down for supper. Its bound to be a week full of family and love and togetherness that I so so so needed after the fiasco of a month I have created for myself.

So life is good and love abounds. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dear Makers-of-Midol:

Do not screw with women with PMS. You don't know who you're messing with.
Your tamper resistant, foil-wrapped packages do not fool me. I know that you use super glue to hold those pills in place. Not wise my friend, not wise. Do not force hormonal, homicidal women to wield both scissors and knives to open life saving medicines. Do not tease those on the brink with taunting "tear here" labels. I am warning you....

Love, Molly

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy, busy, busy..... a photo recap.

Look at my little Luke man. He's getting so big.....Love his shirt....even if his mom dresses him in leggings.....
The harvest moon, the fall leaves.... my fave season.
A quick weekend trip to NYC. We went over Columbus Day weekend, since I HAD NO SCHOOL on monday!!! yay! With my mom and her friend Katy. It was our annual Chick-ation.

Zack and I are considering adopting a dog. I want something big, that will scare away the bad guys, but really be a cuddle bug. What do you think of him?
I have been crazy busy with life lately. Here's the beautiful cake from Josh and Ashley's beautiful wedding. I took pictures for them, they are wonderful, all is well with the world.....

Below is a sign near Ground Zero in NYC.....I did not take the stairs.......

Its fall. My favorite. This is the end of DeRuyter Lake. I love love love home.
Hanging with my mom in Brockport. It was a much needed girl bonding day.

I know photos are crazy and out of order....but so is my life..... in rochester still until November 4th, then hopefully finding someone to rent my house..... cross your fingers.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hello, I am your photographer......nice to meet you.

YAY. We are pumped. Check out our website..... but please note that its a work in progress and we have no idea what we are doing and we are using a cheesy website builder because of that......and yet we are still pumped.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Celebrate! :-)

We signed the contract this week to take pictures for our FIRST wedding!!! Pompey Hollow Photography is on its feet and we're so so excited. We bought champagne to celebrate. We spent a fortune on new equipment and a website! I broke down and bought photoshop..... :-) I stayed up until way past my teacher bed time playing with it. I figured out how to leave one piece of a photo in color while the rest is black and white. I should be sleeping but our very first pay check for our very first wedding is in the bank and I can't sleep!!!!! I have to be up in 4.5 hours to go to work....and then work at the bar as well....... :-) yay!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

100th post and nothing to say

School started!!!!! I am teaching 9th grade at an unnamed suburban school, and it has been wonderful thus far......with the exception of getting up at 5am and one student who greeted me by saying "Yo Miss W, how old are you? Like 38?" I'm happy and busy and there's money in my bank account......

Life is good.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


... my dog has fleas. Badly. And I’ve scrubbed her and sprayed the house, and given her the meds from the vet….and she still has fleas. Which was fine until they started biting ME. So we’re working on that, but not before she gave them to my mothers dog Duke. Now Duke is old, and fat and has fuzzy, thick, impossible to see fleas, fur. So he was itching and scratching and unable to lay still. And my mom noticed that he was scratching and scratching in the same spot all day. So we started to investigate, rolled the giant tub of a dog onto his back and searched his tummy for bug bites. We looked, and combed and pulled, until finally my mom found something. It was red and black and slightly raised. It looked like a tick bite and we were pumped that we finally found what was making Dukie so uncomfortable. My mom squeezed it, and picked at it to see if the tick was still in there…..Then we found another one, and my mom was starting to get nervous that maybe we should take him to the vet. We cut all the fur off of the bites and sprayed them with anti-itch spray. Poor puppy. The second one was about three inches down from the first one, so we kept looking. Then we found another and another…….strangely they were evenly spaced around the perimeter of his tummy…..they were his nipples.

….Duke does not have fleas….or ticks. Only bald patches on his tummy where we cut off all the fur. We’re really smrt.

Friday, August 15, 2008


too cute for words.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes, there were adults there too....but they aren't as fun to photograph. :-)

ps. I have really cute pictures of fishing and looking for worms and puddle jumping.....but those are for another day....


There is nothing I love more than snugglie babies in PJs!
Trying to capture the awe we were feeling....from Gods light show.

We can't get those cutie pie babies away from great grandma. :-) Grandma and Miles and Bryce.......
Brody on the Deer, just shortly before he grunted and ripped off the deer's antlers...

By the look on Gina's face I can only assume that Julia is hiding from something very very scary. :-) We had a super, wonderful, amazing (if not soggy) weekend at the farm. Even if Julia was playing shy girl for a little while. Despite "Uncle" Jeff's best attempts to get her to smile for him.

I am so...

blessed. Sometimes I read back over my blog and realize that I am a whiny little brat. But, today as I sat on the dock overlooking the pond and talking to the fish it dawned on me just how lucky and fortunate I am. I was watching 2 of the most important men in my life, both sitting on lawn mowers, cutting the grass around the pond. One, who is my first and only love and the other who I call Dad because he has been more a father to me in the few years I have known him than my own has ever been. they were cutting the grass so that I could have my two best friends from college and their spouses and children come to camp out this weekend. Where we will feed them the corn that we grew in our bountiful garden, and share with them the beauty and tranquility of this large piece of property. We will cook them breakfast of bacon and eggs from the pigs that we raised and welcome them into the family that so welcomes everyone who steps foot on this land and in this house. Sometimes in the hassle of everyday life we forget the things that really matter, and in fleeting moments we get glimpses into what is important in flashes of happiness that we almost feel guilty for overlooking.

Our family reunion went wonderfully this summer, as always, depsite the rain and thunder. (which actually produced the most awe inspiring light show I have ever seen). Admist love and laughter and wet sloppy baby kisses there is good food, friendship and fantastic memories. Each year our circle of family gets larger and larger and I hope that the children in this family look back on their time at the farm their whole lives with gladness. Some cousins from California were doing just that, a grandmother bringing her young granddaughter to experience the farm as she had as a child. I have a billion sweet pictures to post when I have a few free moments. (Leah you were sorely missed. We all feel slighted that we didn't get the opportunity to love on your boys and share a glass of wine with you!)

Life is good.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Must have...

wine. In a jug. I feel a need to sit down and have a glass (or 6) of wine.
So, I didn't get the job. They were hiring for 3 positions, I had to go back into the school today for a 3rd interview. (who ever heard of THREE interviews?!) to be told that they have filled the 2 full time positions and are looking for someone to cover a 6 week maternity leave beginning in September. They are calling me back this afternoon if they want to offer me the 6 wk. position.....I don't want a 6 week position. But I suppose its better than nothing. Im really disappointed and bummed out and feel just plain crappy because I thought my previous interviews went really well. I currently have -$17.49 in my bank account and bills that were due last week and feel overwhelmed and sad. I was really hoping to get hired for this job. I was playing all nonchalant with my family, like it was no big deal, but Im a big liar-face because I am way more upset about this than I should be if it was no big deal.

and....we bought a couch last week, to be picked up on Tuesday before a billion family members come to our house this weekend. But, its possible that we will both be unemployed before long and then I have no idea what we're gonna do. and what possessed us to buy a couch? I have no clue. But, I love the couch. Love love love it. Its ours and its beautiful and its new and I love it.

So, now that Im through whining I'm going to begin wine-ing. its 10am. Thats ok right?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

-So my bff's freakishly committed wedding is over. There was no booze at the reception so i smuggled in wine with the help of my mothers fully packed cooler in the trunk of her car. Bless her heart. I made it through my maid of honor speech with only 3 sentences to go before I cried. Kate was a beautiful bride. She seems happy and spent a week in sunny Cancun. Life is good.

-I was called in for a second interview at Churchville-Chili H.S. (it went well) and they called my references yesterday. (I know this because my favorite professor called me to fill me in). So keep your fingers crossed. Its a nice suburban school district just 10 miles south of my house in Spencerport, which would be a wonderful commute. How will that work with my relationship and other Topsy-turvy messes I get myself into? umm...... we'll figure that out later.

-I'm 24. And I'm bratty about it. I hate 24. I feel like a loser. I have no job and no life and my friends all do. And its crappy. yes. Crappy. And I didn't get any presents to unwrap this year. I am not too old for presents. Yes, I know, I got a floor installed and some cash. Fine. But I want presents, with tissue paper, and wrapping paper and bows. (I told you I'm bratty about it.) And it was a horrible birthday, I did nothing fun, there was no cake or singing, there was no heavy drinking, and no time for friends, all because I was doing crap for a wedding that I don't approve of. Word of the day: Crap. (the floor is beautiful though).

-its thundering, and this is mom's computer and I should get off, because how pissed would she be if lightening fried her computer while I blogged?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Just so we're clear.....

...I will not say the words obey, submit, obedient, or humble follower in my wedding vows. A marriage is supposed to be a team right? Nor will I use the phrase: "you shall be the leader in all things" when talking to my husband.

that is all.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

White Paint and White Shoes

My bff is getting married TOMORROW. and.....I hate her stinkin' guts. Both for getting married, while I have been dating for going on 8 yrs and there is no light of that in my future, and for turning into Bridzilla (or maybe bride-porcelain-doll since she breaks into hysterical tears over the tiniest things). I am tired of showers, and errands, and flowers, and dresses that are too ugly for curtains in a retirement home...... I am so so so excited for her as she is disgustingly happy and elated and on could nine and all that jazz.....And he's a pretty nice guy too..... just a little bitter, and tired of being "SUPER-BRIDESMAID". On a more positive note, I bought the most beautiful, sparkly, spiked heeled, tall, white shoes to wear tomorrow, and I love love love them. They are currently the most expensive thing that I own, my house included.

And we painted the floor white. A primer. In preparation of laying the hardwood floors. I am excited. I told them its all I wanted for my birthday.... (ah yes, the whining of that is for another post, the whole: 24, unemployed, uncommitted, penniless, massively in debt and not at all where I expected to be at 24). So.....I have a white, furniture-less living room....and white shoes...... and only 48 hours till the wedding is over :-)

Monday, June 30, 2008

6 days and counting

In 6 days my best friend will owe me $20.00 for getting married first, ideally my well thought out speech will also make her cry and she will owe me $20.00 more for crying on her wedding day (which she swore she would never do). is it bad of me to make my friend cry? because i could really use the cash.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday my mom and I went to see Wicked, which was wonderful. Then out to eat for crab legs in all their buttery glory, and home to drink wine and girl talk and do all things cozy and comfortable. She spent the night and we woke up to make breakfast in our PJs and drink coffee on the porch and enjoy my beautiful gardens.

...and now its back to the farm to peel wallpaper and pick up after someone else's dogs and think about all the work that needs to be done before it too can be cozy and comfortable. Because despite all the painting and cleaning and hard work we've already done, we've been moved to the opposite side of the house to do it all over again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


ok. so my love life has been far from perfect. There were some complicated moments when I was at school and someone (we won't mention any names) decided they were bored and lonely and sought companionship in the arms of ugly, tramps......I mean......anyway.......During that time I lived with my 2 nearest and dearest boys, drank more beer than was physically possible for a girl of my size, became a Halo champ, and even adapted the idea that dirty socks and empty pizza boxes were perfectly acceptable on the living room floor. These 2 saved me from being hit by on coming traffic, changed countless windshield wipers for me, and made me laugh. We have been to festivals, the hospital, and survived knock down blow out fights. We dressed up as Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Smee for Halloween. We dressed up as the Ghostbusters with some of our buddies just to go to the bar. We all worked for the same BBQ place. I love them. I wouldn't have survived college without them.

Recently one of them has decided that in order for him to have a normal love life he has to stop talking to me because he compares every girl he meets to me. I'm heartbroken. These guys are beyond my best friends, they are a part of me. Its particularly hard because they live together, so to stop seeing one, means that i will ultimately have to stop seeing both. its one of the hardest things I have ever thought about doing and it makes my heart hurt. It feels like a breakup....only I have lost my best friends.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

my best friend's wedding


He proposed in the cutest way, its on the news! I'm the maid of honor......and I am so excited. :-)

So, here's to you turkey, I told you that you'd tie the knot first! xoxoxoxo.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Even More Ireland

The beautiful Bath Abby, those are the blonde stones.

Mom and grandma in front of Buckingham Palace. Creepy alien rocks......
Me. I loved all the pretty iron work.
A sunset in Wexford. I got several pretty sunset pics.
This is the beautiful Muckross House. Queen Victoria stayed here once.
Some of the group in Blarney Castle.
Thats our group. Only 16 on a bus that holds 50. Nice.

This is my mom touching the Roman Bath water she isn't supposed to touch.

These are really little. I don't know what exactly I did. lol.

This is the Rock of Cashel, means Castle Rock basically.
Japanese gardens, doesn't make sense, but they were pretty.
This is us, I may have posted this pic already.
The doors of Dublin were all like this, brightly colored with the

pretty arches over them.

More Ireland family names are O'Hara, O'Connell and Kingsland, it only seemed natural that I would be dying to go to Ireland. In college I had spent a summer in England studying literature and have always wanted to go back, so when my mom said that as a graduation present she would take me on a trip I was super excited when I found a tour online that lead us from Dublin to London in 12 days. We had been planning on going just the 2 of us on a tropical paradise type vacay but changed our minds the more we thought about Ireland. It was easy to see why Ireland is a land of mythical creatures, rainbows and legend. The mountains are so pretty with gentle mist floating around green green fields. I found myself constantly awestruck by the rugged beauty of the landscape and the kindness of the local people. I can't imagine a better vacation, and we have wonderful memories to share now because we decided to take my grandmother with us while she is still spry enough to handle the traveling. I am totally in love with every man with an Irish accent and could listen to someone talk for hours and hours in perfect contentment as long as its got that accent.

We started in Dublin and went from there to Killarney, visiting Dublin Castle and the Ring of Kerry along the way. We saw Muckross House, a beautiful estate home (and a MUST see if anyone is visiting Ireland) and toured Killarney National Park. So pretty. We went to Wexford after stopping in Blarney to kiss the stone. (which is absolutely terrifying by the way. They dangle you out over the edge of the castle, holding on to your legs as they lower you backwards toward the stone.) I hope that I am more eloquent because of it. I couldn’t go to Ireland without kissing it though, so I suppose it was worth it. We then went to the Waterford Crystal Factory, and what I once thought was just an expensive piece of glass I now realize is an individual work of art. I am so impressed and amazed by the work that those men do. Originally I thought that I would be bored on this tour but it was actually very cool. We also stopped in Cobh, pronounced Cove, which was the last port of call for the Titanic. Pretty little town, and a nice walking tour of it…..but of all the wonderful things to see and do in Ireland I thought this one was a bit of a waste of time. We took the ferry across to Wales and went on to Bath, England. It’s the site of a roman bath, the hot spring still pushes water into the ruins, and it is very pretty. The whole city is made up of blond sand stone, and everything is just as it was 100’s of years ago. Its very cool. We went from there to Stonehenge, which was creepy but something I wanted to see. And then spend 3 days in London before heading home. London is my favorite city. Its so full of history and beautiful architecture.

I introduced my mother to hard cider, I like to drink Cider and Black which has black current juice in it. I showed them all the tourist sites that I loved when I was there last, as well as the best place to get fish and chips. We really had an amazing time. And I made my family keep a journal on our trip, passing it between the 3 of us every day. It’s a wonderful memory. My favorite though is: One evening we went to see Irish musicians called “The Merry Ploughboys”. My grandmother referred to them in our journal as the “Playboys”…..she was so embarrassed when I pointed that out….. or my mother who joined an Irish gentleman in the hot tub at one of our hotels…

Me: “Oh yes, I think I saw him in the lobby, was he the tall guy in the suit?”
Her:“I’m not sure, I never saw him with his clothes on or standing up”.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Quick Update

I am exhausted, just got back from a wonderful trip to Ireland with my mom and grandma.....and now i will sleep and sleep. -me

Thats us at our hotel near Dublin.

My mom, grandma and I overlooking the lakes of Killarney.

This is Blarney Castle. So pretty.

I did it, i kissed the Blarney stone....and i was terrified.

We flew out of london for home, theres the big guy, Ben.