Saturday, September 06, 2008


... my dog has fleas. Badly. And I’ve scrubbed her and sprayed the house, and given her the meds from the vet….and she still has fleas. Which was fine until they started biting ME. So we’re working on that, but not before she gave them to my mothers dog Duke. Now Duke is old, and fat and has fuzzy, thick, impossible to see fleas, fur. So he was itching and scratching and unable to lay still. And my mom noticed that he was scratching and scratching in the same spot all day. So we started to investigate, rolled the giant tub of a dog onto his back and searched his tummy for bug bites. We looked, and combed and pulled, until finally my mom found something. It was red and black and slightly raised. It looked like a tick bite and we were pumped that we finally found what was making Dukie so uncomfortable. My mom squeezed it, and picked at it to see if the tick was still in there…..Then we found another one, and my mom was starting to get nervous that maybe we should take him to the vet. We cut all the fur off of the bites and sprayed them with anti-itch spray. Poor puppy. The second one was about three inches down from the first one, so we kept looking. Then we found another and another…….strangely they were evenly spaced around the perimeter of his tummy…..they were his nipples.

….Duke does not have fleas….or ticks. Only bald patches on his tummy where we cut off all the fur. We’re really smrt.

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