Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A quick recap of the events of the last week or so....

1) My mother's dog bit me. He has never bitten anyone. I am taking it to be a sign that somewhere deep inside I must be a bad bad bad person.

2) VA Tech. Where my sister goes to school. Scary scary scary sad stuff. How do people get that upset? 'nuff said.

3) Everyone I know is having babies. We welcomed Camryn Leigha, Stacie's beautiful little girl this week. I want one. I do. I know I'm crazy.

4)Jen's husband Jeff lost his job......I should be sympathetic about it. But I'm not. Because that means they are moving closer to me. Soon. Which means lots of Luke time and there's nothing I love more than smothering that little man with hugs and kisses. (note: Jeff has already gotten a new job so its ok for me to be excited that he got fired ok?)

5) Number of pages I have completed on my thesis: 18
Number I need by next Wednesday: 50
Likelihood that will happen: 0%

Number of observation hours completed this semester: 18
Number necessary by next Friday: 50
How stressed I am about that: 100%

Number of times I have wanted to quit my job this week: 3
Number of applications I have filled out for new jobs: 3
Likelyhood I will chicken out and keep crap job: pretty good

6) I really miss Zack and home. I have been stuck here working to pay my bills and get my homework done and paint my office and a million other things.... I don't even know when the next time I might be able to go home is. :-(

7) I bought my very first piece of real furniture this week. I believe this makes me an adult. Everything I owned until this point was a hand-me-down of some family member or a garage sale purchase. I now own a beautiful cherry computer desk with a hutch that I love love love. From a furniture store, delivered in a furniture store truck by a furniture store guy. Life is good.

8) I watch Lost. I am a nerd. Yesterday I was so convinced that it was Wednesday and was excited all day to watch Lost. It wasn't until 7pm that a classmate kindly reminded me it was Tuesday.

9) Ok one last thing. I love 80 degree weather in April. I'm a big big fan. I have a sun burn from being outside ALL WEEKEND LONG (read: not working on my thesis). I love summer clothes, flip flops, sundresses and all things bright and colorful. I love my new bright orange tube top thingy with long flowy waist and pretty embroidered flowers. I do not however love strapless bras. Who the hell came up with those things anyway? If you aren't tugging it back into place all day you are walking around looking like your boobies are four inches lower than they should be, and they mysteriously look like one oblong monoboob.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Just another rainy day

My mother and her boyfriend are on their way to Virginia for the weekend, and I am here in rainy Rochester babysitting her dog. I may be more than a little jealous of the sunshine that I am certain they will be relaxing in.

In other news, I hate today. Its Friday the 13th which is bad enough in itself, but it happens to be the 13th of April which is the worst day of the year. My plan to get through the day is: bubble bath, nap, made for tv lifetime movie, ice cream, repeat.

And because it is the 13th of April, thats all I have the brain power to write at present.
Have a fantastic weekend all.

Monday, April 02, 2007

oh. dear.

"And remember my sentimental friend, hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable..."-The Wizard of Oz

Sometimes this battle wages inside of me. Like those cartoons with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Mine goes like this:

Heart: "Oh he loves me again. He loves me. He can't wait for me to be with him forever and ever and ever and ever.... Love love lovey love...."
Head: "AGAIN? Again? He loves you again. So there is an off switch and an on switch. Ok Missy just when do you think he might turn it off again?"

Heart: "Lonely. I am soooo lonely. Why wont anyone cuddle me? So lonely."
Head: "Dummy. You have lots of friends. Go bowling. Go out to dinner. Call somone to come over. You are being like this because you choose to be."

Heart: "I miss him. I want to call him. I want to make everything just sugar sweeet and wonderful again."
Head: "Just shut up already. He's bad for you. You're happy with out him"
Heart: "Am not"
Head: "Are too"
Heart: "Am not"
Head: .:sigh:.

Heart: "No one will ever know me like he does. No one can figure me out like that. No one can know just how to fix all of my problems and make me feel better. No one else could ever do those things. Remember that time...."
Head: "I know I told you to shut up. Do you think he was born knowing that stuff or did he learn it? Someone else can learn it too. I promise."

Heart: "But.....we love him."
Head: ".......I know we do...."