Monday, December 24, 2007

Just what I wanted for christmas...

...a new sump pump!!! YAY!!!! For the low low price (plus labor, plus overtime, plus holiday Christmas eve pay) of $698.52.....YIPPEE!!!! Did I mention that you may in fact be receiving a new holiday furnace too? Heck lets throw in a new dehumidifier along with it, why not? You can even make toll free calls to your insurance company to learn that you aren't covered for sump pump failure. Aren't you lucky? Merry Christmas!!! Oh, you wanted to be home with your family and your boyfriend right now? Aww, now ain't that a grinch.

-Totally bummed out, completely feeling bah-hum-bugy, sitting in my cold cold cold house waiting for the heater repair guy to arrive. Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snow Day.

No, School was not canceled should have been. Its cold and blowy and icy out there. I am however staying home. Why you ask? Because I am an idiot.

I got up early, showered, had breakfast, dressed in a cute new sweater, and then went out to start my car so that it could defrost. I came in, had a cup of coffee and watched the news. When it was time to go (I was even leaving early to account for bad weather), I went out and proceeded to back up ever so carefully.....right into one of the railroad ties that line my driveway.


I should have known better, I should have wiped the snow off the back windows better and I should have pulled forward first to straighten myself out....but I didn't.

It doesn't look like that big of a deal, however, that spot is just enough lower than my driveway that all my tires do now is spin and spin on the ice, and I cannot drive back up onto the driveway. I rocked the car. I straightened the tires. I pushed and shoved. I shoveled. I put cardboard in front of my tires. I put cardboard behind my tires. I looked for some sand. I tried and tried....I spilled my coffee all the way down the front of my cute sweater. And now, I am an hour late for work. AAA said they have people who "really" need a tow truck to take care of first, my feet are wet and cold....and the woman that I am student teaching with must certainly think I am just to lazy to go into work today.

...So I put my PJs back on. Screw AAA.