Monday, March 31, 2008

Let's recap....

I just found out that my friend Court from high school is currently expecting baby #3 into her family...(she already has a little boy, and a cute baby girl.) Congrats Court!

One of my very best friends from high school has just been accepted to HARVARD on full scholarship....this is of course after he has led a fulfilling couple of years traveling the world, graduating from college, having a functional serious relationship, learning to speak fluent Japanese, and teaching English to those unfortunate people who do not know it. I'm impressed, proud and insanely jealous.

My best friend in the world is one of those people who religiously goes to church, devotes her time to god and family, volunteers at the rescue mission, works in the church nursery, is an elegant, beautiful, professional ballroom dancer, is constantly one of those people you can call to count on to better your day, and is dating a wonderful man I am sure will propose in the next month or so. She is one of those people that you wish you could emulate but know that you do not possibly have that amount of energy.

My friend Jed...who was my constant companion in college, sat with me countless days when I was hungover and listened to me whine (while bringing me crackers, soup and ginger ale...), would allow me to sing Celine Dion at the top of my lungs in public, was always the peanut butter to my jelly, and one of those guys you can count on no matter what....( "hey its raining, I'm 10 miles from campus, its 3am and my wiper blade went flying off my car...will you get out of bed, go to walmart, buy me one and come put it on my car in the torrential downpour?") GETTING MARRIED this May. He is with the love of his life, this adorable little, tiny blonde, thing who loves him uncontrollably and has a cutie-patootie little girl of her own....who Jed is the perfect Daddy to even though it isn't his.......and no one deserves to be happy and in love more than this guy. Amazing.

My college roommate is happily married, going back to school to be a physicians assistant, and thinking about babies.......

My best friend from college is currently married, looking to buy a house with her amazing husband, and is definitely my nominee for Mommy of the year. She has an adorable little boy who I love completely, she is constantly running around doing wonderful mommy things, she doesn't burn the cookies, and she makes the most delicious food I have ever tasted. Her child watches baby Einstein, and is probably smarter than I am......She's amazing in every way, and yet I know that when I have kids she won't look down on me for feeding my kids M&Ms for breakfast and setting the baby in front of the Maury show with me in the mornings.

..all that being said....

I am a waitress at a bar that is going out of business in a crappy college town. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RE: move it lady.

Dear Molly,
Get up off the couch and do some laundry. You are getting fat and lazy. Stop browsing the internet for stuff you will never ever buy, ie: modular lime green sofa. You aren't going to adopt the 150 lb. Mastiff either.

That is all.

Your Laptop

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am crazy. I know this. I just spent 20 minutes making my to-do list, rather than starting the things I know I have to do....and now I'm going to post said to-do list you that I can A)procrastinate a little longer and B) show you how pointless it was for me to make the list in the first place.

-feed Penny
-pay electric bill
-buy stamps to pay electric bill
-find pictures of Becca for scrapbook
-pack for home
-grocery store run: tuna fish, milk, eggs, bread, lunch stuff
-fill out application for Fabius and East Syracuse Minoa (urgent time is almost up)
-use cool new facial mask that has been on counter for two weeks
-clean toilet-sometime
-make raspberry upside down cake that I have been promising to make
-balance check book!!!!!!!
-read water meter
-close accounts at HSBC
-open joint account for bill paying
-give Sherry money for fence
-clip Penny's dangerous nails
-sort through mail on counter in Rochester, pay bills that are sure to be there
-call 500 restaurants in Rochester to see if hiring
-stop whining about being unemployed
-mail long over due, and written 2 months ago, thank you note to L.L.
-make reservations for hotel for Jed's wedding
-check new recommendations on
-paint nails spring color
-try on all summer clothes, get mad, buy new ones
-change from winter purse to spring purse
-go to bank and time warner cable
-stop making list

Why am I such a procrastinator? What is the matter with me?

...its time to go paint my nails....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, so its effin' cold in the billion year old house my mother owns. The snow is coming down so hard I can't see across the street, which is ok really because I have never liked the neighbors. I have a tiny, useless, space heater pointed at my ice cubed feet, and I'm wrapped up in every fleece throw ever given to me by someone that had no idea what to give me for Christmas. And as much as I hate being cold......I love it here. I adore watching the kids from up the street pull their baby brother in a toboggan down the sidewalk. I love the way my mother's ancient dog waddles around the house like he's too fat/old/lazy to move and yet will barrel outside to attack the snow with such force I think he could run a marathon. And, although my fingers are numb because the heat rarely kicks on in the computer room, I'm content to curl up under the pile of Tinkerbell/Christmas Scene/Monogrammed throws and enjoy being home.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

who are you?

Me: (chuckling softly to myself while looking intently into the screen of my computer.....or at least what I perceive as chuckling softly....) hahaha....hahahaha....
Him: uh....whatcha doing?
Me: hahaha.....
Him: honey....whatcha doing?
Me: oh....nothing.
Him: a funny nothing huh?
Me: ok I'm reading someone's blog.
Him: who's?
Me: oh......uh.....
H: someone you don't know?
M: well not really.... I mean...I sorta know them. The more you read their blog the more you know them right?
H: you're a creepy stalker.
M: am not!
H: So who are you reading?
M: um.....Esther's brothers blog.
H: That is so weird. Does Esther's brother know you read his blog?
M: It's Mike. But everyone reads his blog....and he's funny.
H: (giving up, I hope). Ok weirdo. Go back to doing whatever makes you happy.
M: its not weird. Its not weird until I click on a link in Esther's brother's blog and wind up reading about Esther's brother's friend from elementary schools' wife.
H: oh god. Step away from the computer.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Good Idea Guys!!!

I love that all of you are blogging maniacs this week and next, forcing yourselves to blog for my own personal enjoyment everyday, where as I have made no such promises and can simply relax and read all of your adventures for the next two weeks. So thanks for the entertainment. Cheers.