Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am crazy. I know this. I just spent 20 minutes making my to-do list, rather than starting the things I know I have to do....and now I'm going to post said to-do list you that I can A)procrastinate a little longer and B) show you how pointless it was for me to make the list in the first place.

-feed Penny
-pay electric bill
-buy stamps to pay electric bill
-find pictures of Becca for scrapbook
-pack for home
-grocery store run: tuna fish, milk, eggs, bread, lunch stuff
-fill out application for Fabius and East Syracuse Minoa (urgent time is almost up)
-use cool new facial mask that has been on counter for two weeks
-clean toilet-sometime
-make raspberry upside down cake that I have been promising to make
-balance check book!!!!!!!
-read water meter
-close accounts at HSBC
-open joint account for bill paying
-give Sherry money for fence
-clip Penny's dangerous nails
-sort through mail on counter in Rochester, pay bills that are sure to be there
-call 500 restaurants in Rochester to see if hiring
-stop whining about being unemployed
-mail long over due, and written 2 months ago, thank you note to L.L.
-make reservations for hotel for Jed's wedding
-check new recommendations on Amazon.com
-paint nails spring color
-try on all summer clothes, get mad, buy new ones
-change from winter purse to spring purse
-go to bank and time warner cable
-stop making list

Why am I such a procrastinator? What is the matter with me?

...its time to go paint my nails....

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