Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, so its effin' cold in the billion year old house my mother owns. The snow is coming down so hard I can't see across the street, which is ok really because I have never liked the neighbors. I have a tiny, useless, space heater pointed at my ice cubed feet, and I'm wrapped up in every fleece throw ever given to me by someone that had no idea what to give me for Christmas. And as much as I hate being cold......I love it here. I adore watching the kids from up the street pull their baby brother in a toboggan down the sidewalk. I love the way my mother's ancient dog waddles around the house like he's too fat/old/lazy to move and yet will barrel outside to attack the snow with such force I think he could run a marathon. And, although my fingers are numb because the heat rarely kicks on in the computer room, I'm content to curl up under the pile of Tinkerbell/Christmas Scene/Monogrammed throws and enjoy being home.

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