Wednesday, March 05, 2008

who are you?

Me: (chuckling softly to myself while looking intently into the screen of my computer.....or at least what I perceive as chuckling softly....) hahaha....hahahaha....
Him: uh....whatcha doing?
Me: hahaha.....
Him: honey....whatcha doing?
Me: oh....nothing.
Him: a funny nothing huh?
Me: ok I'm reading someone's blog.
Him: who's?
Me: oh......uh.....
H: someone you don't know?
M: well not really.... I mean...I sorta know them. The more you read their blog the more you know them right?
H: you're a creepy stalker.
M: am not!
H: So who are you reading?
M: um.....Esther's brothers blog.
H: That is so weird. Does Esther's brother know you read his blog?
M: It's Mike. But everyone reads his blog....and he's funny.
H: (giving up, I hope). Ok weirdo. Go back to doing whatever makes you happy.
M: its not weird. Its not weird until I click on a link in Esther's brother's blog and wind up reading about Esther's brother's friend from elementary schools' wife.
H: oh god. Step away from the computer.

1 comment:

Garvey said...

Tell Him we bloggers don't judge.

(Which is a lie, of course: it's really all we bloggers ever do, but non-blog-stalkers just don't understand.)