Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Horrible Infectious Disease

Today I feel as though I have The Black Death. Yes that’s right THE Black Death. On that note I began to think about all the horrible ways that I will probably die today, as I feel that my head is about to explode all over my classroom. In fact, the more my students talk incessantly, the more likely I feel that this could happen At. Any. Moment. Yes, I am being overly dramatic as I am prone to do when I am DYING. On that note here are some things that I will not miss in the afterlife.

1. Cell phones

2. Technology in general

3. Mosquitoes

4. My 3rd period tenth graders

5. The sound that straw brooms make when gliding across the floor

6. Email

7. Chalk dust

8. Parsnips

9. Waiting for a table

10. Waiting in line

11. Waiting for anything

12. The smell of gasoline on my hands after pumping

13. House flies

On the other hand, these are the things I will miss.

1. My dog penny

2. Hot French fries

3. Thanksgiving dinner

4. Parades

5. My bed

6. Reading in my bed

7. Watching “my” seniors graduate

8. Laying in my bed for long hours

9. Butter

10. Crocus

11. Fireworks

12. Banana seat bicycles

13. Coffee

14. Bubble baths

Do you think there are mashed potatoes in heaven?