Thursday, February 28, 2008

the Fluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I have the flu, and I hate the flu. I hate the stuffiness, and the aches and how i can't turn my head without becoming suddenly top heavy and falling over. I hate the taste of cough medicine and how I have to hold a pillow over my stomach when I cough for fear my insides will explode across the room. I hate being constantly cold because of a fever that keeps going up and not down, and I hate not being able to talk on the phone because no one can hear me....but I like chicken soup, and frozen fruit bars, I love hot tea and Pj's and I adore having a perfectly good excuse to sit on my couch and do absolutely nothing but snuggle Penny and watch daytime TV.

So I'm ok big dilemma this week is that I have been offered a long term subbing job at the school I did my student teaching at. The 7th grade English teacher has left, and they would like me to replace her. Its a tiny catholic middle school, I loved the kids there, and the teachers are wonderful. However, there is no hope for a job there next year as the school has been chosen by the Bishop to close forever to save should I take it to have experience to put on my resume? Or should I sub at schools that might someday be able to offer me a permanent job? And do I really want to be stuck in Rochester until June? I have no idea what I should do, and I can't call the school to speak to the principal because I have no voice. She wanted me to "interview" aka, sign a background check, today and start on MONDAY!!!!!! but, since I can't speak I don't think I can do that anyway...... so.....advice?

Friday, February 15, 2008

I want a puppy...

So I don't think its so awful an ultimatum. It was really simple actually. As we are painting like crazy people...(the bedroom is now a beautiful cocoa brown, topped with a golden buttery yellow, with a future chair rail around the middle, and its cozy and beautiful and wonderful and not navy blue.)...and we are cleaning and mopping, and moving, and storing and packing, and just being domestic...I thought: "Wow. We have been moving towards these moments for SEVEN years." And it just slipped out of my mouth like nothing. Me: "Honey, lets make a deal." Him: "Uh-oh, what kind of deal? Because I am not painting the rest of this by myself..." Me: "No, no, I'll help you. But....this year I want either a ring, a puppy or a baby." (oh god, did I just say that out loud?) Him: " .................................." Me: ".............." Him: "We'll see."

Thats it. I really thought it was a sure fire way to get a puppy. But "We'll see" ? What the *&^% does that mean?

...maybe I should just get myself a fish.

Friday, February 01, 2008

its an official snuggle day

This morning when the alarm went off I realized that it was Friday and with nothing to do I shut it off and went back to sleep. Amazing.

Penny has this uncanny ability to make me believe that she is part human.... She rolled over this morning, looked at me and yawned.....she then snuggled in close, streached out and put her head on the pillow, her little paws over the top of the covers and closed her eyes. I think we will make some scrambled eggs and hot chocolate and stay in PJs under covers all day since all of Western NY is one big ice cube.