Monday, December 24, 2007

Just what I wanted for christmas...

...a new sump pump!!! YAY!!!! For the low low price (plus labor, plus overtime, plus holiday Christmas eve pay) of $698.52.....YIPPEE!!!! Did I mention that you may in fact be receiving a new holiday furnace too? Heck lets throw in a new dehumidifier along with it, why not? You can even make toll free calls to your insurance company to learn that you aren't covered for sump pump failure. Aren't you lucky? Merry Christmas!!! Oh, you wanted to be home with your family and your boyfriend right now? Aww, now ain't that a grinch.

-Totally bummed out, completely feeling bah-hum-bugy, sitting in my cold cold cold house waiting for the heater repair guy to arrive. Happy Holidays.

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