Saturday, July 05, 2008

White Paint and White Shoes

My bff is getting married TOMORROW. and.....I hate her stinkin' guts. Both for getting married, while I have been dating for going on 8 yrs and there is no light of that in my future, and for turning into Bridzilla (or maybe bride-porcelain-doll since she breaks into hysterical tears over the tiniest things). I am tired of showers, and errands, and flowers, and dresses that are too ugly for curtains in a retirement home...... I am so so so excited for her as she is disgustingly happy and elated and on could nine and all that jazz.....And he's a pretty nice guy too..... just a little bitter, and tired of being "SUPER-BRIDESMAID". On a more positive note, I bought the most beautiful, sparkly, spiked heeled, tall, white shoes to wear tomorrow, and I love love love them. They are currently the most expensive thing that I own, my house included.

And we painted the floor white. A primer. In preparation of laying the hardwood floors. I am excited. I told them its all I wanted for my birthday.... (ah yes, the whining of that is for another post, the whole: 24, unemployed, uncommitted, penniless, massively in debt and not at all where I expected to be at 24). So.....I have a white, furniture-less living room....and white shoes...... and only 48 hours till the wedding is over :-)

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