Monday, July 21, 2008

Must have...

wine. In a jug. I feel a need to sit down and have a glass (or 6) of wine.
So, I didn't get the job. They were hiring for 3 positions, I had to go back into the school today for a 3rd interview. (who ever heard of THREE interviews?!) to be told that they have filled the 2 full time positions and are looking for someone to cover a 6 week maternity leave beginning in September. They are calling me back this afternoon if they want to offer me the 6 wk. position.....I don't want a 6 week position. But I suppose its better than nothing. Im really disappointed and bummed out and feel just plain crappy because I thought my previous interviews went really well. I currently have -$17.49 in my bank account and bills that were due last week and feel overwhelmed and sad. I was really hoping to get hired for this job. I was playing all nonchalant with my family, like it was no big deal, but Im a big liar-face because I am way more upset about this than I should be if it was no big deal.

and....we bought a couch last week, to be picked up on Tuesday before a billion family members come to our house this weekend. But, its possible that we will both be unemployed before long and then I have no idea what we're gonna do. and what possessed us to buy a couch? I have no clue. But, I love the couch. Love love love it. Its ours and its beautiful and its new and I love it.

So, now that Im through whining I'm going to begin wine-ing. its 10am. Thats ok right?


Gina said...

i'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get the job!! But, never fear, we'll all be there to sit around the fire and wine with you in 5 days =)

Esther said...

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'll bring you something in tissue paper.
2. They don't know what they're missing. This just means the perfect job is still out there. Don't fret. These things have a freakish way of working out.
3. Am I one of the billion family members or are you having a party at your other house? I'm so confused. I must see you!