Wednesday, July 16, 2008

-So my bff's freakishly committed wedding is over. There was no booze at the reception so i smuggled in wine with the help of my mothers fully packed cooler in the trunk of her car. Bless her heart. I made it through my maid of honor speech with only 3 sentences to go before I cried. Kate was a beautiful bride. She seems happy and spent a week in sunny Cancun. Life is good.

-I was called in for a second interview at Churchville-Chili H.S. (it went well) and they called my references yesterday. (I know this because my favorite professor called me to fill me in). So keep your fingers crossed. Its a nice suburban school district just 10 miles south of my house in Spencerport, which would be a wonderful commute. How will that work with my relationship and other Topsy-turvy messes I get myself into? umm...... we'll figure that out later.

-I'm 24. And I'm bratty about it. I hate 24. I feel like a loser. I have no job and no life and my friends all do. And its crappy. yes. Crappy. And I didn't get any presents to unwrap this year. I am not too old for presents. Yes, I know, I got a floor installed and some cash. Fine. But I want presents, with tissue paper, and wrapping paper and bows. (I told you I'm bratty about it.) And it was a horrible birthday, I did nothing fun, there was no cake or singing, there was no heavy drinking, and no time for friends, all because I was doing crap for a wedding that I don't approve of. Word of the day: Crap. (the floor is beautiful though).

-its thundering, and this is mom's computer and I should get off, because how pissed would she be if lightening fried her computer while I blogged?

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WhiskeyLynx said...

This is exactly the stage I'm going through right now!

I'm 24, working part time as a waitress in a place I don't like, I'm massively in debt to my boyfriend (of all people), and all my friends are either married or pregnant! It totally sucks :(

And I didn't get any presents either.