Tuesday, May 27, 2008


ok. so my love life has been far from perfect. There were some complicated moments when I was at school and someone (we won't mention any names) decided they were bored and lonely and sought companionship in the arms of ugly, tramps......I mean......anyway.......During that time I lived with my 2 nearest and dearest boys, drank more beer than was physically possible for a girl of my size, became a Halo champ, and even adapted the idea that dirty socks and empty pizza boxes were perfectly acceptable on the living room floor. These 2 saved me from being hit by on coming traffic, changed countless windshield wipers for me, and made me laugh. We have been to festivals, the hospital, and survived knock down blow out fights. We dressed up as Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Smee for Halloween. We dressed up as the Ghostbusters with some of our buddies just to go to the bar. We all worked for the same BBQ place. I love them. I wouldn't have survived college without them.

Recently one of them has decided that in order for him to have a normal love life he has to stop talking to me because he compares every girl he meets to me. I'm heartbroken. These guys are beyond my best friends, they are a part of me. Its particularly hard because they live together, so to stop seeing one, means that i will ultimately have to stop seeing both. its one of the hardest things I have ever thought about doing and it makes my heart hurt. It feels like a breakup....only I have lost my best friends.

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