Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Even More Ireland

The beautiful Bath Abby, those are the blonde stones.

Mom and grandma in front of Buckingham Palace. Creepy alien rocks......
Me. I loved all the pretty iron work.
A sunset in Wexford. I got several pretty sunset pics.
This is the beautiful Muckross House. Queen Victoria stayed here once.
Some of the group in Blarney Castle.
Thats our group. Only 16 on a bus that holds 50. Nice.

This is my mom touching the Roman Bath water she isn't supposed to touch.

These are really little. I don't know what exactly I did. lol.

This is the Rock of Cashel, means Castle Rock basically.
Japanese gardens, doesn't make sense, but they were pretty.
This is us, I may have posted this pic already.
The doors of Dublin were all like this, brightly colored with the

pretty arches over them.

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Scott said...

I sang a concert in Bath Abbey thirteen years ago. And I partied next to that Roman bath!