Friday, June 22, 2007

OUCH and More OUCH

Saturday my little baby puppy dog got attacked by evil mutant wasps and I hate them. Penny and I were lounging around the yard, she was sniffing things and playing with her ball, I was pulling weeds. She likes to run up and down the length of fence between my house and the neighbor in order to tease the neighbors' chocolate lab puppy, Bella.

Then Bella yipped this earth shattering cry and went tearing towards her garage, and I looked over to find Penny COVERED in wasps, crying and running in circles trying to bite them off of her back. Penny only weighs 11 lbs....she had 18 wasps on her stinging her with their vicious little butts. Luckily I had my gardening gloves on and I could swat them off of her, (and I only got stung once). We went inside and I threw her in the cold tub thinking that would make her feel better. Within minutes she was passing out, puking and peeing uncontrolably and crying. Then she was having trouble breathing, then I was crying....

So I called Dr. Mckenna.....aka Dr. Doolittle, who is amazing in every way. He answered his cell phone, in the middle of his nephew's wedding, and walked me through what to do with Penny.

Note: Dogs can have people Benedryl, one mg per pound of body weight. Or double that in the case of extreme emergency.

And I put her in a baking soda bath with vinegar in the sink, because that is what I would have wanted if I was in her situation....and fed her water with a turkey baster.....and she is fine.

I never knew that I would become so attached to a little dog that I didnt want. I never would have thought in a million years that I would be ready to jump in the car to go to the doggy emergency room to spend god knows how much money on saving my dog....but i was ready.

I hate how they have such control of our hearts. And I love the little rat dog.....

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