Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home and Family and Love and Hugs

I love home and family and bon fires and long talks....and it was just the type of weekend I was desperately in need of. I will post adorable pictures and what-not later. (now I should be doing my homework)...but I just wanted to say that my weekend ended with the best possible good bye that went like this.

"Ok. Bye. I'm leaving. You can have a hug ANNNND a kiss."
"Both? I'm so lucky! Why can I have both?"
"Because I love you annnd I'm leaving."

Awww. I love you too Julia.

And note, Zack only got a hug.

If only the rest of the world thought that leaving required a hug annnd a kiss, it would be a much happier place....and you would be constantly getting hugs from creepy people, but you win some you loose some.

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Leah said...

I'm all for more hugs and kisses around!