Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday morning I looked out my window and couldn't see my car in the driveway. I sat watching the big, fluffy flakes falling serenely to the ground, blanketing everything in a soft, white blanket. The plows hadn't been through, and a few lone cars were slowly making their way down our road. I sat and sipped my coffee peacefully, enjoying the long moments of silence that awaited me. I would bake today, and make delicious warm homemade soup, maybe even finish reading that novel on my night stand. The snow was coming down intensly when I flicked on the TV to check the weather and the school closings, just to be sure.


Is a snow day really that much to ask for? Isn't our safety important? School is OPEN?!?

I rushed to get dressed, tossed on boots, and trudged to work. It was treacherous.

School carries on, just as it is intended to.
Thank you Mr. Super, for keeping education rolling.

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Mrs. Bees said...

That's asinine - and sounds just like here. In the district I worked in last year, teachers still have to go to work even if there is a snow day. Cool, huh. We live in a pretty dang snowy and icy place, but we've had only one snow day in the last ten years. Trust me, there have been days that should have been. Safety is more important than one day of lessons!