Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Talk about sweet revenge...

...remember that teacher back in high school that you--could. not. stand.
I do. Imagine how gratifying it would have been to wake up one morning and hear on the news that every single one of your crummy teachers was FIRED. Gratifying at 15, yes. Insanely ridiculous and a horrible solution to a problem, yes. I can't even begin to get my brain around the crap in the news the past few weeks about teachers sucking. I for one, do not suck. Neither do my fabulous colleagues, and if I'm being honest, neither did my teachers in high school. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the massive lay-offs in my local area, the possibility that I may lose my job, and the media that is slandering the profession of teaching nation wide. With more sleep and less papers to grade I may have something more profound to say on this topic.... I'll try again later this week. Until then, I couldn't put it better than Bill Maher does here.

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