Tuesday, December 14, 2010

As I said in my previous post..... there is a turtle who lives in the corner of the classroom I am currently teaching in. For the purpose of this entry we will from here on refer to him as "my" turtle.

When I entered the room today I was greeted by the muffled sounds of thrashing and banging. Further inspection revealed my turtle was creating mini thunder clouds of rage by banging his head against the glass and spashing his hateful water about.

From the basis of my understanding of general teenage angsty behavior. I can only assume this is a cry for help.

Perhaps he can somehow sense my overwhelming desire to have him die.....


Kristin said...

I have a fish (named Bruce...I let the students name him...only Bruce ate his bud Sharkbite..fitting don't you think?). This fish has now left the classroom and is sitting in my kitchen. He has been around for over two years. People think he really dies and I just replace him. I don't change his water regularly and I only feed him about once a week. Sometimes things are just with us forever. To make a long rambling story even longer...I appreciated your story of your turtle :)

Laura Maria said...

The drawings were too cute!