Monday, February 14, 2011

Parents are like the Boogie-Man

I had a horrible, rotten, terrible Parent Meeting on Friday. It was basically your average "You-look-like-you're-twelve-how-can-you-possibly-teach-my-child" mixed with a few "I realize you're only a sub" and "My kid is usually an "A" student"s...... Now mind you, I have my masters degree in Education, my bachelors in English Literature, a teaching certificate from New York State, a reasonable amount of experience tutoring ELA, 3 years of teaching experience and have worked at several libraries in my lifetime. But for some reason these parents who were secretaries and mechanics respectively, (Not that they aren't hard working, intelligent people they just HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A TEACHER!!!!)

I felt smooshed. Deflated. MISERABLE afterwards. And still had to teach all day since this meeting was scheduled for second period. Long story short, I gave their daughter an incomplete instead of the 41% she earned on her report card, to give her time to get her grade back up to par. I did this out of the goodness of my heart, not because I had to. Her parents were angry that I wouldn't count her VERY late, and poorly done work for full credit but had agreed to bump her grade up to a passing 65%.

I shuffled my way through the rest of the day. Cursing my job and my crummy luck. I hate not having a "real" job. Granted, I will be teaching at the same school until June. I worked as a full time teacher there last year. But, I'm just filling in for a long maternity leave. The truth is that I am really just a sub, and that makes me so sad.

But, I do have an impact of 96 students every day. And I do love my job.... and dammit I matter.

 Eleventh period that day my principal came down to my classroom and asked to speak to me. I got immediate butterflies. Butterflies having seizures.

Him- I just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a great job. No matter what those particular parents think.
Me- (stuttering like a fool) OMG. Well, thanks. Really. Thanks. I mean. Thanks.
Him- You're delightful and I wish we could keep you around, you are a fantastic teacher and Im glad to have you on my team.
Me- ..........................................
Him- Alright, thats all. Just wanted to check in to make sure you're ok.
Me- (blushing like a lobster) uhhh.... thanks.

Then I grinned for the remainder of the day. I may not be eloquent but I am delightful ;-)

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NoSiNneD said...

Made me think of the times i troubled my teachers......once i was done with education i told myself ill never be a takes courage, patience, knowledge.....ok fine teachers need all the dam possible qualities......keep up the good job.....:)