Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nothing happened today, wanna hear all about it?

I knew for sure it was going to be One of Those Days when I woke up at 4:45, realized it was still raining and could not go back to sleep. One would think that getting up at 4:45 am would lead to a day of productivity.....nope. Pouting. It rained all day. I wanted to go outside for a walk. Sadie wanted to go outside and play. Penny refused to go outside to pee. All three of us were miserable and cooped up inside.

The rest of my morning consisted of: go down stairs, make coffee. Go up stairs, put on pants. Go down stairs, drink coffee. Go upstairs, change pants because they are so tight they restrict breathing. Go downstairs, boot up computer to possibly edit mountains of wedding photos. Give up on wearing pants. Go upstairs and put pajamas back on. Go downstairs and google teaching jobs. Cry. Get more coffee. Add baileys to coffee. Keep crying. Add Jameson to coffee. Feel better. Google silly online comic strips. Google apartments with room for a horse. Google houses for sale that I could never afford. Google pictures of cats. Edit pictures of Heather's beautiful wedding. Consider the fact that I am pushing thirty. Start to almost cry again. Sip coffee. Decide its time to shower. Go upstairs. Strip naked. Get in shower. Realize there is no hot water. Go downstairs. Realize I am still naked. Run upstairs. Try really hard not to cry. I mean really, really hard.
Look around my disaster of a bedroom and silently judge myself on all shortcomings. Put on fat pants and giant hoodie. Realize that I have neither fed the horse, the dogs or myself. Silently judge myself on my lack of ambition, personal hygiene and time management skills. Consider going to a walk in the rain. Consider driving anywhere but here. Consider filing away all the receipts I have been saving for my photo business. Lay on couch eating Doritos instead. Go upstairs to find clothes to put in laundry. Sit at computer and stare at the screen. Watch it rain. Watch Sadie pace in bored circles. Watch a fly buzz around the sink full of dirty dishes. Force myself to edit more wedding photos. Write this blog.

I am lucky to be inside and dry. I am lucky that I found pants that fit. I am lucky that I have copious amounts of both coffee and booze in the house. Those are all the blessings I can count today.

I think I will take a nap.

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