Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Won't you be my neighbor?

Sometimes as I travel through my daily life I think to myself that "people just suck". Today at Walmart I watched as a young woman plowed an elderly couple down in the underwear aisle. She knocked two boxes of pantyhose out of the older woman's hands as she raced for what she must have thought was the last package of white women's ankle socks. (I assure you that Hanes and Walmart have cooperated to ensure that they are fully stocked with white women's ankle socks.) The young woman neither apologized nor appeared to notice that she had collided with the elderly couple and continued her frenzied race around the store...I picked up the pantyhose. The older woman looked at me as though I was trying to steal her stockings, grabbed them from me, and walked away. There was no thank you.

So then I went to fill my gas tank. I haven't been able to put more than ten dollars in the tank this week because its so darn cold out there that my hands fall off and I just stop pumping. So the light has been flashing at me for two days and I figured I would rather have my hands fall off then be stranded on the side of the road somewhere...So I park, pull the little lever to open the tank, get out of my car and twist the doesn't move. I try again, harder this time. I grunt. I twist. I put my whole body weight into it. I look around to see if anyone is watching....I try again. I put my foot on the side of the car for leverage and just pull....."Cap stuck?" some really observant young man at the next pump asks. "Yes" I look at him helplessly. Shrug my shoulders. Pout a little. Bat my eyelashes.... "That sucks." He replies as he gets in his vehicle and drives away. My low gas light is still flashing....

So I come home completely convinced that this world is full of mean and heartless individuals and find that someone has plowed my driveway while I was at work. Possibly the same someone that dragged a tree limb out of it a month ago, and most likely the same someone who lifted my car back onto the driveway when I drove off of it. (I have really steep edges of my driveway, marked by old railroad ties and I have been known to not back up straight and drive off the edge wedging my tires between the ground and the railroad tie. and I left it there one afternoon and got a ride to work because I was going to be really late only to find that while I was gone someone had "unstuck" it.)

I love my mystery neighbor. There are good people on this planet. And I feel warm and fuzzy now.

...I wonder if I have enough gas to make it to school tonight.

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c0cky said...

I dont know what you look like, but Im sure if you batted your eyelashes at me I would have helped LOL!!!

There are good people out there but they are always in such a rush and it takes a lot for someone to slow down and look around.

Im not saying it's right, it's like that and that's the way it is !!