Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zombies ate my brain

I have corrected my thesis 8,562 times. I have replaced, rearranged, rewritten, reorganized, and restructured every line, sentence, word choice, and piece of punctuation. I have followed every obscure APA guideline. I have been up for 24 straight hours examining the thesis (thesi? thesises?) of my classmates as they examined mine. I have contributed to the drinking of 5 pots of coffee, 13 coronas, one bottle of wine and some strange lime cactus flavored mic ultras. I have moved countless periods from where they look like they belong to the end of long citations. I have kissed the ground that my reader walks on. I have driven the 17 minutes back and forth to campus 6 times in one day. I have single-handedly wiped the coffee shop out of white chocolate syrup this week. It never crossed my mind that the drinking of coronas might have been counter productive.

I am going to bed....I have until 3pm tomorrow to have two, finished, beautiful, eloquently written copies on the desk of the director of graduate education.

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Scott said...

What a coincidence. This weekend I contributed to the drinking of a case of beer, a case of wine, a bottle of port, a bottle of irish whiskey, and many, many, many cups of coffee.