Friday, September 14, 2007

School Days.

So school has started, and I hate getting up early. I really went into the wrong profession. During first period today I was falling asleep with my students. I'm student teaching in an 11th grade English classroom in Rochester. I can't tell you what school because I'm supposed to promote to the public, my friends and family, perfect strangers, and potential Roberts Wesleyan College students that I have a wonderful student teaching placement, that Rochester City Schools are run wonderfully, and that Roberts truly cares about each and every one of its student teachers. So I it there. Yup sure do. And I love me students. This I am not being sarcastic about. I love them. They have such character and wit and are down right hilarious. I can't use their names either due to privacy laws and the fact that I can neither spell nor pronounce most of their names. One girl with a 25 syllable first name told me that its a combination of "my mamma's name, my daddy's daddy's name, my neighbor's name and my mamma's first dog."
"I'm sorry? Did you say your mamma's first dog?"
"Uh-huh. So what? You don't love your dogs?"
Her name was something similar to Sha'earl'Na-Spot. I'm not kidding.

Its going to be an interesting semester.

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Esther said...

That sounds like the way you figure out your porn-star name, like your first pet and the street where you grew me "Mona Main"