Friday, September 17, 2010

I work on Sundays at a little bar in Rochester. Its a dive bar, its dark, its run by assholes, and it smells a little funky. However, it has fabulous regulars who tip well, it has great wings, and plenty of TVs to watch any game you'd like. My shift is just sunday during the day, right during football. I rarely walk away from a 7 hour shift with less than 200 bucks in my pocket. I'm a good bartender, I'll remember your name and your drink and fill your empty cup in a timely manner. None of the regulars have ever complained about me. **note that regulars everywhere like to complain. I like my job, I enjoy the bar, I like my co-workers.... but I don't live and die for it.

I got fired today.

My boss called to ask me if I would be working this sunday. The answer was no. I got the shift covered by a co-worker so that I could relax with friends from college. Her words exactly: "If you don't come in, consider yourself no longer employed." HUH? Am I doing something wrong? "No. But you only work one day a week and you have missed 2 of the last 4 weeks." What? I didn't work on Labor Day because someone called to ask if they could work my shift. They wanted hours, they needed money. I let them work it. "Doesn't matter. Are you coming in on Sunday?" No. I got the shift covered already. "Ok then. It was nice to know you." CLICK.

I have never been fired. Layed off, yes. Seasonal employment over, yes. Business closed, yes. But never ever fired. I am a hard worker. I am a good bartender.

I didn't get a chance to explain. She just hung up on me. I was stunned. And pissed. And when I'm pissed I cry. So I couldn't even call her back because I have been a blubbering idiot for the last two hours.

How come nothing can possibly go right for me this year? I don't believe in Karma, and I certainly have never done anything so awful as to deserve this.

I cannot wait to see my friends this weekend, I need them....and a large glass of wine.


Godzilla Power said...

We miss Miss Molly...we miss Miss Molly...we miss Miss Molly...we really miss her a lot (this is in a tune but I don't remember which one it is)
I got fired from a part time job a few years back...maybe it was 20 years ago from the Ithaca Bakery...I was trying to support my kids and my teaching salary at the time wasn't very much...I had never been fired before...I went kids were with me that I was working and missing time with my kids...we made up a song about was called Deli Dummy...we recorded it and played it over and over again and laughed our asses off...sweetie...Life is Wonderful...but it wouldn't be so wonderful if it weren't so FUCKED...I don't know why that is...but it can't have a good time if you don't get FUCKED OVER once in's a fucking rule...Molly is getting stronger and stronger...this is your job struggle and get stronger...bigger things are in the works for our beloved Miss Molly.

NoSiNneD said...

happened to come across ur blog's a big bitch.............u write so honestly...i like that........

NoSiNneD said...

do check my blog..i grumble about life