Thursday, November 12, 2009

Almost forgot

I almost forgot to post today, its been a crazy, nutso day. I am trying soooo hard to post every day all month. I know I already screwed up the beginning of the month, but maybe I can redeem myself before the end. I have nothing fabulous to write about, except that I should be able to bring my horse home tomorrow because the fantastic men in my life built me a super, wonderful stall this week, they put aside all the other work that needs to get done around here because of me and my crazy ideas to get a horse as winter approaches. I love love love them!!!

Now if only cousin Brian would tell me he would go get her!!!! (he owns a barn where he boards horses and has a horse trailer. We don't have a trailer, which is also why it was a crazy idea to get a horse in the first place).

...I'm so excited.

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