Thursday, November 05, 2009

Warm, Cozy, Nerdy, Classroom Moments

I'm a huge nerd. I know I am not your typical nerd of stereo-typical nerdishness, but a nerd I am none-the-less. I dress well, I participate in non-nerd-like things such as tail gating and dart playing. I can make a mean home made pizza and I am a pretty tough farm girl. However, I am absolutely enamored with nerdy, socially strange things.

For instance, I love that my classroom right now is full of the sounds of pens and pencils on paper. The very sight of 24 kids bent over their papers in full-on concentration, excites me. They are taking their quiz on Act 2 of Julius Caesar. They hate it. I love it. I love the sounds of absolute terror from my students. More so, I love watching the "Ah-ha!" moments as they realize that they actually KNOW the answers. They're smart, and they are focused, and at this exact moment they are realizing that they are capable of passing English 10. Its a fabulous moment. (Except for that kid in the back who just snapped his pencil in half out of frustration...but we can't reach all kids all the time right?)

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