Thursday, October 08, 2009

I want to...

...go home. School hasn't even started yet. I haven't even made it through homeroom. I am so upset about yesterday at work that I am not even remotely prepared to face today. Long story short: a teacher was upset last week at my classroom management practices (in my classroom, during class she came in with a student she found in the halls and proceeded to interrupt my class by informing me of all the wayward student's misdeeds and why she was bringing her back to class, and why she was a bad kid, and why I should have called the attendance office, and why she was still talking in the MIDDLE of my lesson...etc etc.) Anyway, said wayward kid was pissed and embarrassed and would not calm down. So I told her she could go to guidance to vent, eat chocolate and do whatever it is kids do in the guidance office so that the rest of my class could continue to learn. The teacher was so irate that I allowed the kid to leave class after she brought her back she spoke to my mentor, my principal and almost every teacher in the English Department.....except for me. My mentor had the nerve to tell me that I should apologize to the woman...and if I were acting like an adult I probably would be the bigger person and tell her that I'm sorry she felt like I was stepping on her toes and lowering her authority, and I would tell her this to her face, and make it a point of not discussing it with others first....(with the exception of the trillions of people on the WWW) but I'm not acting like an adult, I'm pouting. I'm so annoyed that she couldn't come and talk to me, and more annoyed that she thinks that I would just allow a bratty kid to leave just because.

...and there's the bell. Which means it homeroom. Happy Thursday.

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