Monday, October 26, 2009

Short week!!!!

This week will involve very little teaching. I'm looking forward to the break actually. Today, we reviewed and then they totally bombed their first quiz on Julius Caesar (really bummed out about that)....tomorrow all period I have to administer this anonymous "Communities that Care Youth Survey" that grills the kids on drugs, parties and alcohol. As well as friendships, bullies and fighting. The kids lie. They think its corny and a waste of time. And they enjoy chatting and not doing any "work" in class. I lose them, because they have then forgotten everything they may have known about Shakespeare.....oh well. Then Wednesday and Thursday we will catch up, and figure out how to encourage them to like Shakespeare, or at least understand it.....and Friday is the D.A.T.E. conference and I get to leave school ALL day. :-)

...but I hate the idea of leaving my little naughties with a sub. I know subs are competent, intelligent people, I used to sub. I also know that as a sub I just wanted to survive the day and get through the material left by the classroom teacher. I dread leaving my kids for the day. The last time this happened they were nightmares and I was only gone for a half day. They totally took advantage of the situation and did NO work at all. I'm thinking of just leaving a movie for them to watch, which I have always thought of as a cop out. But, I have no faith that the sub will be able to get my unruly little devils to cooperate.

ah well. Whats the worst that can happen?

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