Friday, October 02, 2009

Life is dandy...and then you pee

I love my job, and today is payday!!!! I truly feel like a big girl on days when I can easily pay my bills without having to boycott my favorite coffee shops for weeks at a time in order to afford heat and electricity.

I love having my car back. It was sick and in the shop. Nothing serious, she's doing just fine.

I love my students first thing in the morning when they are all still sleepy and rubbing their eyes and I am reminded that they are still, really, babies.

I love being "home" in all aspects of my life. I love CNY. I love my little home town. I love bumping into my high school biology teacher at the gas station and talking about my new job and hearing that he's proud of me. I love knowing what is going on in town. I am so blessed to be surrounded by my family again. I love the farm.

I do not love living with dogs that are not mine..... now Penny barks and its annoying. I realize this. Its particularly annoying when you are trying to sleep, read or watch TV. However, she comes when she is called, she does not chew things that do not belong to her and she would never EVER pee in the house, especially not on the FURNITURE under ANY circumstances. I think she would rather die. I hate dogs that pee in the house. That's why there is a gate between kitchen A and kitchen B. For some unknown reason that gate is frequently left open and no one but myself seems to care. Now..... someone peed on my carpet yesterday. Someone also peed on my chair. Someone also peed on my desk, which somehow permeated the drawer and soaked through on important papers.... my home smells of pee...... pee pee pee.......this is not OK with me.
But, I get scolded for pushing the dogs back to the other side of the house. And I am not allowed to scold the dogs. I am hugely frustrated.

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