Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blah blah blah

This week we've bounced checks.

This week we had to buy new tires for the car.

This week I was that person in the grocery store checkout line with a full cart and not enough money.

This week I was on the phone with the bank disputing charges, begging for fines to be taken off, and resorting to tears.

This week I argued the rise in my interest rates.

This week I've driven places just beacuse they were down hill and I could coast there in neutral, rather than to places where the road was flat and I would be wasting gas.

This week I told my student loan rep that "even though this is your job, you're still really, really mean."

This week I put off driving to Rochester to get my mail because toll prices went up.

This week we've been called by debt collectors, paid late fees on several bills, and had a credit card canceled.

Just when I think I might be a responsible adult I am reminded what a horrible failure at life I really am.

all that being said...

This week we begin our new years resolution of being more intellegent with our money. Including finally opening my 403b, putting some money into a rainy-day fund, and advertising more for our photography business.

This week we balance our check book together.

This week we will not be going out to eat or to the movies or anywhere other than home.

This week we will research new venison reciepes so that we can do less grocery shopping.

This week we will roll the coins in our piggy bank.

This week we will take time to enjoy eachother.

This week we will count our blessings as we count our pennies.

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Mrs. Bees said...

Mr. Bees and I were there last year. It's a scary, depressing, unhappy place - but you come out of it. Hang in there!