Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Controlled Chaos

I find myself giving my students meaningless assignments just to keep them under control. I hate that. I feel like I am being a terrible teacher, and that I am failing them.

Today I assigned an in class DBQ. Its about the civil rights movement, the KKK, the treatment of African Americans in the United ties in to the novel we are reading (To Kill a Mockingbird)in theory it sounds great. In reality though it was simply to give them something to do so that I can grade papers.

Are all my students going to be unprepared to go off to college?

Do I suck?

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Mrs. Bees said...

I think that's a fact of life with teaching: some of our classroom management comes in with what we give them to do. Yes, you crafted a lesson that gives you a little bit of "down time" (ha ha) but it still provides valuable information and practice to your kids. I don't think that sucks - I think that's really well done. And if you suck for doing it, well, I suck too, then. This is a hard job. We can't give 110% performance-art life-changing lessons every day. As long as you aren't having them copy lines out of the dictionary or something, you're probably doing all right. :)