Friday, January 08, 2010

Hurray for Homeschool.

I have nothing against the idea of homeschooling your children...except for its ability to create socially inept adults. I'm all for staying in your PJs all day and learing your 3R's. That's totally fine with me.

Today I celebrate homeschooling!One of my biggest problem students has been officially withdrawn by his parents to be, you guessed it, homeschooled. I would be lying to say I was sad to see him go. Having him in class was like having a time bomb strapped to a ADHD spider moneky in the back of the room.

Life is good. Happy Friday.

-I realize this is not very teacher-ish or an all kids can learn attitude yadda yadda yadda of me.....but I'm ok with it.

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Mrs. Bees said...

Oh man - if that's unteacherish, then I'm really awful. I lost the three most twisted thorns in my side at semester, and I actually called my mom on my prep in jubilation. I know we're not supposed to leave any child behind, etc. etc., but it's unfair to the other 30 kids in the room when one bad apple ruins the entire class. I'm happy to let someone else have their shot at making a difference in these kids' lives - I sure wasn't.