Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everyday is a new day...

Some random things that make me smile today:

  • One of the things that I love most about my job is that each and every time I walk through the door it is a new beginning. Whatever happened yesterday can be erased and we can start over fresh. I can scrap the crummy lesson that didn't quite work and start over, I can change my mind and teach a different short story, or pick a new poem, I can sing sill songs, create and play and engage my students in ways that are unique to my skills and my talents. I have a wonderful career.
  • Yesterday a boy came into my classroom after school and told me that he not only finished reading a book but that he couldn't wait to start reading another one by the same author. (I love moments like these).
  • My baby brother turns 15 today. He's handsome and charming, athletic and smart! (he obviously gets all of those things from me) I am so proud of him and the young man that he is. I cannot believe that the little boy I see in my mind when I think of him has turned into such a cool person.

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Grits Gone North said...

And you are part of the best Sex in the City group that exists, one that is far cooler, more beautiful, more unique and creative than the original four. And, when that movie is released on May 27, we will all know that we were too cool for New Line Cinema to afford us. And, you my dear, are our star diva!