Thursday, May 06, 2010

I heart Teacher Blogs

I love reading other teacher's blogs. Today I stumbled upon this one: The View From Room 309. Here's one of his more recent posts and a poem I'm quickly loving!

Swimming with Sharks 04/30/10
a darkened classroomafter school
on a Friday afternoon
the echoes ofthe students’ voices
silently resound in my head as i sit here
papers are getting graded
grades are being entered
and yet...i feel (as i so often do) that i am swimming
against the tide
being pulled away
from what i find important
being pulled under
by this rip tide current
of red tape and record keeping
when all i want to do
is swim free and play in the waves
of words
and books
and poems
and the creativityof my students
©2010-Art Belliveau

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