Thursday, May 27, 2010


Ok so the school year is slowly winding down......annnnd there may be a small chance I get to keep my job as one of my co workers is actively seeking other employment. (that would be wonderful btw). I have applied to districts as far away as binghamton and buffalo, and although I dont want to move I am willing to. My alma mater is hiring, which might be a wonderful opportunity, as I love my home town. We'll see, Im being careful to take it one day at a time.

Spring wedding season is in full swing, our first engagement shoot went really well, and there are new pictures up over at the photography blog. I will post one or two here when I get done typing too.

I am so looking forward to summer and life again. School overwhelms me. Next year I am going to limit my after school activities to one or two things.

I am supposed to be writing something interesting for my teacher writers group and publish it on here, but I am having writers block. I think I will just leave you with a few more pictures and call it a day.

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