Friday, May 21, 2010

Some things that make me smile....

I just adore this picture of smily Miles the last time they were at the house. Such a happy lil bugger......well, this second anyway. :-)
I'm packing up my classroom, which is not a smily moment.... but I do love the stacks and stacks of books and an excuse to go through them all. Summer is creeping in fast and all the wonderful growing things are making me so happy.

I was cleaning off my computer because I have used up all the space, and wound up spending alot of time looking through pictures from my trip to Ireland with my mom and grandmother. Which made me all happy inside. I'm so glad we kept a journal while we were traveling, each taking turns writing in it through the whole time we were there. it really helps to keep the memories alive.

Abbi is getting so pretty as all her winter fur is falling out, she's sleek and beautiful and I just love her.


Esther said...

I'm glad that you are still smiling ;)

Grits Gone North said...

More..more. Let's go to Ireland together. I'm retiring there, buying a broke down bar, and living out my days in the most beautiful place on earth!