Saturday, February 14, 2009


This post is me whining. Not out of the ordinary I know. But I just wanted to warn you in advance.

This little kid I know is engaged. he's not so little. Hes gotta be 22ish. And I had the BIGGEST crush on him ever, which was highly looked down upon by my classmates when I was in high school I might add. If I wasn't truly enamored in my own relationship I totally would have gone after this younger man...... he's been happily dating this chick for 2 years and they recently got engaged. This makes me look at my own 9 year relationship and wince. We have been going no where for 9 years......9 years. People that have been interested in me have moved on with their lives......

im frustrated and bitter.......and its valentines day. super.

ps. job is going well. its nice to have a friend at work (thanks eddie! ) especially friends who give wine as gifts.

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