Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm here------> X

Im at that part of the day again where I should be hurrying out the door to work so that I don't get stuck behind the school buses and have to sneak in late. My my house is so peaceful and quiet this morning and I can't think of a better way to start my Friday.

Yesterday I was in a crummy mood, hating everything including the sound of the weather guy's voice...... today is so much more peaceful. The wind whips around my house like its trying to get in and sweep us all away, but the way it jingles the wind chimes makes me smile. I can hear my new roommate's dog snoring softly behind her closed door, and I know that later when my roomie goes to work and the two dogs are here alone that Penny will sit outside of Chianti's crate and tease her all afternoon. The coffee is dripping slowly into its pot (and can you think of many things that sound better than that....aside from champagne corks and babies laughing I cannot) and it smells fantastic. I can't wait to fill my travel mug to the brim and sip on it all morning. I have all of my lessons perfectly prepared for today to be a success and I look forward to actually getting to know my students now that I have mastered most of their names.

And most of all..... I just am at peace being here. For the first time since I have been back a sense of "everything is going to be ok" has come over me. No rushing, no hassle, no lonliness..... just me and I'm alright.

....and I am late for work ;-)


Esther said...

This is a fabulous post! It makes me happy that you're happy.

REENblack said...

Such a wonderful thing to feel content! I'm so happy for you!