Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday Already?

Here I am. On my last day before I actually have to start teaching, and instead of preparing lessons, or reading the Shakespeare that I have to teach...I am drinking a glass of red wine, in front of my fireplace, which watching NCIS reruns and reading strangers' blogs. This is how I I'm going to take a bubble bath while my nice clothes finish drying..... and maybe even open the bottle of Chardonnay that's waiting patiently in the fridge, before I make my lunch and get my book bag ready for the morning. I don't guarentee that these plans will make me a better teacher, or get my head in the game for wrangling 9th graders at the crack of dawn... but they will calm my nerves and give me a good nights sleep. So really what's more important?

I'm a good teacher. (and if I tell myself that over and over I may actually remind myself of that fact) and I love my job. So life is good.

Except for being in Rochester alone..... and being seperated for the next 4 months.... and doing the same things we swore we would never do again.....

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REENblack said...

I hope that first Monday back was a good one! I can't imagine walking into a room of 9th graders and commanding their attention and respect! I was a "student aid" in a 6th grade class for six months...oh man those kids were a hand full! But there are those times that make it so worth it!