Thursday, December 17, 2009

I am not...

....going green. Truth be told: I do not believe in Global Warming because its freaking freezing out, hello!?!?! Do you see the snow and wind and wintery mess outside? (Obviously my administration does not see the wintery mess as we have school today, but I see it and you see it and that's enough.) So, no, I am not going green. I did not send out my christmas cards yet because I am lazy. That's it. It's not because I wanted to save a few trees and not send out heavy card board cards causing the USPS to drive their big trucks all over the nation. I am simply lazy. I know you were all looking forward to a nice, happy, christmas-y picture of Abbi hanging her head over her stall door, covered in snow, sniffing a wreath while Penny and I stood by smiling in Santa hats.....doesn't that sound lovely? Imagine it in your heads..... there. "Merry Christmas!" Love, Molly

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