Monday, December 21, 2009

To Do:

I have a holiday to-do list that is about 6 miles long
-edit and ok ads for Pompey Hollow Photo before the Jan 1st deadline.
-buy christmas gifts for my brother and impossibly hard to buy for little sister
-go to Elmira
-visit grandma(s)
-quick ski trip with Dad and Co.
-Penny needs to go to the vet
-Make an appointment with Farrier
-Finish/re-start quilt for friend's new baby that is no longer a new baby
-Make annual mountain of Christmas Cookies
-grade 97 student memoirs
-organize and put away/throw out the clothes pile that is eating my room.
-get more stuff from my house, and cram it into my mom's house
-paint my bed room at house in Rochester so that it might be renter friendly in the summer
-pay some really over-due bills
-contact a lawyer about forming our LLC
-catch up with some old friends
-put together my NEW computer and convert all the photo files on my hard drive to organized DVDs
-consider putting my pictures into plain albums since I will never have time to scrapbook again
-plan lessons for grammar unit for when school starts back up
-figure out what to do for new years eve
-find some time to just relax

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