Friday, December 04, 2009

Money, Madness and the Mundane

-I just read in an article online that in 2007-2008 the average teacher's salary in NYS was $62,332.............I would like to know where those average teachers work. At then end of the month when we go through out budget to figure out how we possibly spent the entirity of my income on bills and have absolutely NOTHING left to put into savings (or buy the new purple heels I've had my eye on) I feel sorta depressed. Essentially I am making more now than I have ever made as a waitress....I think. I admit that I didn't keep very good track of my $$$ and that as a bar tender I would sometimes go home with ALOT of money at the end of the how do I start saving? Any ideas? We would like to go on a vacation sometime soon, I'd like to pay off my credit cards, and well.....I want alot. lol. How do you work a budget appropriately? How do people afford to have KIDS!!?? OMG, that must be expensive. There are not alot of things that we spend money on that are non-essentials.

-More important that all that: I think I am going crazy. I dreamt last night that I was a spider. I had to wake up and detangle the dog from the web of sheets I had stuffed her in.

-My swiffer is broken. I'm bummed.

-On a happier note: my cousins from Alaska are coming to Niagra Falls and I get to see them soon soon soon!

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Chris said...

They're probably working in administration: principals, superintendents, etc. will drastically skew the "average".

But the best advice I have for saving is: If you currently have direct deposit, have a portion of each paycheck put directly into a savings account. The best way to avoid spending money is to avoid having it available to spend!