Monday, January 22, 2007

It certainly is Monday

I woke up this morning without the alarm, at 7:30, refreshed, energized and in a good mood. I made my bed! I got a good morning phone call from Zack on his way home from work. The sun was out. Life is good. I put on brand new matchy underwear, (note: a whole cup size bigger as if by magic over the last few months is enough to make new undies seem really great ok?), I even had clean socks as a result of diligent laundry doing this weekend... I got dressed in big girl clothes, and when I say big girl clothes I mean I didnt put on a clean pair of Care Bears pjs for the day. I wore brand new, cute shoes. I was ready to go to campus and, ask nicely and professionally for Dr.Shafer, aka Dr.Really-big-jerk, to write my recomendation letters....

I then fell down my stairs.

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