Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mr. Snowman

So, Penny's favorite toy is a snowman that she got for christmas last year. Its a snowman head, arms and legs attached to a red tennis ball. She has managed, over the course of the year, to dig out all of the stuffing from Mr. Snowman's head...and leave it in fluffy little piles all over the house. Or choke on it as the case may be. Mr. Snowman also smells like doggy-doo. It was time for said snowman to either get fixed or be thrown away. So, me being the crafty person that I pretend I am, armed myself with a pair of scissors and snipped off Mr. Snowman's head. Then I returned the now headless but less messy snowman to the waiting Penny. She looked at what was left of her toy,(which was a perfectly good tennis ball with two legs attached to it.) looked at me, looked at the garbage can and plopped down on the floor. She laid her little head on the snowman's legs and proceeded to look at me, not moving for 30 minutes. (If you knew my dog you would know that this was an amazing and rare occurrence.) When I say looked, I mean glared. She refused to come when I called her, and wouldn't even obey for a treat. She made two trips to the garbage can, and continued to ignore me all afternoon. Basically "Mom, you ruined my toy and I hate you."

I'm going to be a terrible parent one day.

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