Thursday, January 18, 2007

Overwhelmed...a lil

So I have packed up three garbage bags of clothes that I will no longer wear...the only thing I couldn't part with was my shrunken and stained, pink Oxford University sweatshirt. No I won't wear it, but what if I never go there again? And in my effort to organize and clean my closet and bedroom I have created a mountain of clothes in the middle of my floor. Penny is happy, she likes to climb and dig in Mt.Toomanyclothes. But me? Well I feel like I am worse off than when I started. Life was much easier when everything was crammed into 4 laundry baskets and shelves were overflowing.

I have to be to work in one hour and I can't seem to find a Smokehouse Tshirt.

I have to write chapters one and two of my thesis by the end of next week, as well as somehow organize the mound of journal articles that i have dug out of the archives at school and accumulated on my coffee table, kitchen table, desk, back pack, floor....I think there are some under the bed too.

If you can't tell I may not be the most organized person ever.

I have four other classes besides my thesis class to worry about.

My gas and electric bill is twice as much as it was last month, and also $100 more than I have in my bank account.

Annnnd I really wanted to go home this weekend for a family party. I want to see everyone and relax and there is no place more relaxing than the farm and home..... and no one will cover my shift at work, and that might be enough to make me cry.
I just got up and I feel like I need a nap.

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