Wednesday, January 31, 2007


One of Zacks grandmother's passed away this week. So heartbreaking. I know that it was time, and that things haven't been great lately with her.....but sometimes life hurts just so much and that sucks. I don't really understand how death fits into God's plan. Why does he allow us to love someone and then have to deal with the pain of losing them?

I'm going home on Friday for calling hours. My co-workers actually switched with me to cover my shifts. I have never seen them so willing. It was a miracle actually and I was truly surprised.

I feel lucky that my grandparents are still in good health, because if I were in Zack's position now I would be a mess. I thank God I have such supportive friends and family to see me through the tough times, and I am thankful that Zackary does too.

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